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Regardless of your budget or group size, we can put together a customized event for your group

DC Metro Food Tours offers a variety of special events throughout the Washington DC area including corporate team building, group events, chef's demonstrations, scavenger hunts, and Iron Chef inspired cooking contests.

Regardless of your budget or group size, we can put together a customized event for your group. Contact our event planning team at 202-851-2268 or email us at for more information and to book.

Sample Event - Artisan Old Town Alexandria

The artisan takes a particular pride in creating their goods by hand- a practice that has been mostly lost due to mass production and order quantities. Artisans perform time honored work, emphasizing quality, taste, and texture. We are celebrating the lost craft of the artisan on the west end of Old Town Alexandria.

Our Artisan Afternoon Culinary Event will give you an intimate look and taste of several artisan crafts.

We will meet at the Majestic, an Old Town institution serving the city for over 70 years. It was recently remodeled and redeveloped by the same team that brought the area Restaurant Eve and Eamonnís. The bar at the Majestic is stocked with hand made bitters, juices, and mixers. The creations come from the brain of Todd Thrasher, one of the finest sommeliers in the Washington DC area.

We will sample 2 hand made cocktails, while enjoying loaves of crusty bread and fresh churned butter.

After sufficiently opening our palette, we will walk to La Fromagerie, a husband and wife owned cheese shop specializing in local, regional, and international cheeses, meats, and wines.

Upon arrival, Sebastien, a French expatriate and resident cheese expert, will offer a cheese tasting course in their dining area. You will enjoy an array of fine cheeses, both local and international, chosen to represent a variety of nuances, flavors, and textures and scents that are found in artisan cheeses. Sebastian will teach you about each type of cheese, and how to best enjoy it. The cheeses are complimented by an array of dried fruits, nuts, crackers, and wines.

Your tasting will conclude with a sweet ending; a chocolate covered, ganache filled fig imported from Spain.

Contact us at or 202-851-2268 to reserve your spot today.

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