Group and Corporate food tours, events, and team building activities in washington dc, virginia, and maryland

DC Metro Food Tours along with sister company 4Lobe Events offers an array of customized events and activities created to satisfy the needs of your group.

Virtual events are available, see below or contact us for more information

Our award-winning event planning staff is capable of running culinary events for groups ranging from an intimate evening for two, to a grand reception.

Our staff consists of highly trained tour guides, emcees, event managers, chefs, mixologists, and wine sommeliers to provide guidance, and help ensure flawless execution.

Our expertise in event operations ensures that groups of all sizes receive the same experience at a large tour by dividing large parties into smaller, more intimate teams, each led by our local guides and liaisons.

To accommodate large group Food Tours, we bring additional guides and hosts on our tours to ensure greater interaction, and assistance. We take routes that are typically used by locals rather than tourists. The result is a removal of the barrier between tourists visiting an area, and the locals that live there, as well as a more authentic look at life within each area being visited.

We offer single and multiple day tours that will take customers throughout the DC metro area, bringing together Food Tours, cultural activities, interactive excursions, and events into one great experience In and around the Washington DC area such as Annapolis, Baltimore, Fredericksburg, and Virginia wine country.

Please see our current offering and descriptions below - this represents many of of our more popular offerings but does not include everything we do. If you want to do something not on the list, just let us know, and we will put it together for you as well.

We offer virtual team building activities and events for a portion of our offerings as well.

Email our event staff at or call us at 202-851-2268 with any questions and to set up your group event with DC Metro Food Tours and 4Lobe Events!

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For any additional information regarding our culinary events, activities and food tours, you can call us at 202-851-2268, email us at, or fill out the contact information below. A member of our staff will reply to all inquiries typically within a few hours any day of the week.

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Food Tours

Our original activity, the walking Food Tours have been enjoyed by thousands of clients since 2008 throughout the area

The original three-hour walking Food Tour remains a popular activity for both locals and visitors. The guided tours teach guests a story of an iconic Washington DC area neighborhood through its history, culture, architecture, food and drink.

Groups will taste specially created dishes - either classics or ‘off the menu’, and learn how the story of the establishment connects with the area's culture. Food Tours can be customized for groups to meet chefs, proprietors, brew masters, farmers, and bakers.

  • WHO: Tourists and locals alike, groups of all sizes
  • ENJOY: 3-6 stops including historic markets, local restaurants, and experienced artisans throughout a guided historical walk
  • LEARN: History, culture, art, and architecture, and the culinary identity of a place.
  • WHEN: Any time of year, typically in the morning or afternoon
  • WHERE: In any of our 13 DC area neighborhoods
  • ADD: Specialty drink pairings, transportation, or photography.
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Dine Arounds

Much like our standard Food Tour, our Dine Around combines history, culture, architecture and local food and drink in a multiple hour experience. A Dine Around can, however, be completely customized to the needs of your group.

Dine Arounds are ideal if you are interested in a more customized Food Tour, where you can select the type of restaurants you want, add beer and wine pairings, incorporate post-tour receptions, and create the optimal experience for your guests.

Groups are often able to enjoy special hands-on interaction with local chefs and culinary masters that may not be possible during our standard Food Tours.

  • WHO: Tourists and locals alike, groups of all sizes
  • ENJOY: (2-3) local restaurants, experienced artisans , and culinary demonstrations along a guided historical walk
  • LEARN: History, architecture, culinary traditions
  • WHEN: Any time of year, typically in the afternoon or evening
  • WHERE: In any of our 13 DC area neighborhoods
  • ADD: Specialty drink pairings, transportation, or photography.
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Culinary Challenge

virtual event available

The Culinary Challenge, one of our most popular events, is a fun, competitive teambuilding activity where groups work together to create and prepare and present a signature dish using a secret ingredient to a hungry panel of judges.

During the Culinary Challenge, teams will be instructed to use proper techniques, flavor combination, and cooking preparation throughout the event.

Our event team will help pick a theme, venue, and event layout, from cocktails to catering that is ideal for the group.

  • FOR: Groups who are looking for a unique team building event
  • WHAT: Seek out cultural landmarks and restaurants through games, quizzes, and other interactive on a historical walking tour
  • OFFERED: Any time of year, all times of day
  • THROUGHOUT: DCs most interesting neighborhoods
  • ADD: Drink pairings, prize packages, transportation
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Corporate and private Team Building events

virtual events available

Team building activities help to bring together colleagues, co-workers, and new hires into situations they will not typically experience, where they must collaborate and combine collective strengths to achieve a pre-determined goal.

A successful team building activitiy can enable individuals within an organization or group to effectively work together in different situations, in an environment that fosters innovation and teamwork.

Our event staff will help create an activity that gives you the most creative, best possible activity based on your needs.

  • WHO: From students to business executives, our teambuilding events are for anyone who wants to get creative, collaborate, or compete
  • WHAT: Scavenger Hunts, Evening Dine Arounds, Cooking Challenges, and Weekend Retreats
  • OFFERED: Any time of year and day
  • HOSTED: In interesting DC neighborhoods, at historic venues, or in your office space or venue of choice
  • ADD: Drink pairings, transportation, special prizes, or photography
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cooking classes

virtual event available

Our hands-on cooking classes provide guests with the opportunity to learn and create, either individually or as part of a group.

Using our mobile kitchen system, we can easily turn most venues throughout the DC Metro regioninto the ideal event space.

Cooking classes have several themes for guests to choose from. Regardless of the choice, each style cooking class allows guests to learn and apply cooking techniques by creating a meal under the direction of a local chef.

Whether your guests are looking to plan a romantic date, learn how to cook healthier, or wanting to create a corporate team building activity, we have a range of options for your group.

We offer cooking classes for small and large groups, and can bring in many of the Washington DC area's best chefs to teach. Please call or email us for additional details

  • FOR: Anyone who wants to know more about cooking
  • WHAT: Learn the tricks of the trade by creating a signature dish or a multi-course meal
  • OFFERED: Any time of year, throughout the day
  • WHERE: In local restaurants, unique hotels, or historic venues
  • ADD: Special holiday theme, ethnic them (Italian, Spanish, Indian, Greek, etc), or a seated meal after the demonstration
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Full/Multi-Day Motorcoach Tours

Enjoy experiential culinary single and multi day tours, where you visit areas in and around Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC in order to get a true insiders look at the region's local culture and cuisine.

Our full day DC Food Tour provides individuals with multi-faceted experiential culinary activities. During the tour, guests get first-hand interactions with artisans whose craft knowledge is vitally tied to the products for which they are passionate.

Let our event planners help you fill your itinerary or plan the entire trip.

Taste specially-made products originating from the region, and meet the locals that work timelessly to perfect and promote them.

  • WHO: Groups of all ages
  • MEET: Fishermen, farmers, wine-makers, chefs, and bakers
  • EXPERIENCE: Tastings, demonstrations, exploration of natural resources
  • EXPLORE: Virginia's hills, Maryland's water, and DC's famous monuments and markets
  • INCLUDED: Transportation (buses, limos, bikes, boats), hotel bookings, or brewery/ winery tours
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Bar and Pub Crawls

Our Washington DC bar and pub crawls guide guests through neighborhoods where the locals play. A historic tour combined with unique bar and pub stops gives individuals the opportunity to experience the 'liquid' identity of a place.

Throughout the bar Crawl, guides will test guests' knowledge with a series of trivia questions, giving everyone the opportunity to win free drinks, shots, and prizes. Guests will have the chance to explore some of the best and most diverse nightlife in DC under the lens of a true local.

Ask us about our food and drink focused ultimate pub crawl, wine / beer/ cocktail appreciation crawlor our hybrid food tour/bar crawl mixtures for even more options.

  • INVITED: Lovers of spirits paired with our entertaining guides
  • DRINK: Specially-made cocktails, craft beers, and local wines
  • OFFERED: Year-round- morning, noon, or night
  • SPOTS: Swanky lounges, college dive bars, elegant classics and everything in between
  • ADD: Local food, transportation (limos, buses, bikes) or camaraderie (trivia, games, prizes)
pub crawl pic

Educational/student tours

From multi-hour to multi-day tours, Charm City Food Tours has a student tour for nearly every group looking to explore Baltimore and the greater Washington DC area.

Let us show you one of our all-inclusive tours, offering the best value, lowest prices, and exceptional safety and support.

Student tours are available through Charm City Food Tours for either Baltimore or the greater Maryland/Virginia/Washington DC region throughout the year.

  • WHO: Young learners of all ages (Elementary- College and beyond) from all over the world
  • LEARN: American history, ethnically diverse farm to table concepts, US government, ornate architecture
  • WHEN: Multi-hour to multi-day in the Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter
  • EXPLORE: Rural beauty in Virginia or Maryland, ethnically diverse metropolitan neighborhoods, famous DC monuments and more
  • ADD: Transportation (buses, bikes, boats), hotel bookings, airport transfers
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wedding activities

Planning a wedding consists of so much more than simply organizing that one special day. DC Metro Food Tours and 4Lobe Events can assist you with the burden of wedding preparation so you can enjoy the moment.

We can assist you with venue selection, themes, rehearsal dinners, bachelorette and bachelor parties and full weekend itineraries, let our award-winning event team help you start planning.

Let our event planners help you fill your wedding itinerary or plan the entire trip.

  • WHO: Bride, groom, and all friends and family between
  • ENJOY: Engagement dinners, bachelor/ bachelorette parties, family-bonding activities
  • WHEN: Any time of day, throughout the year
  • LOCATIONS: Famous vineyards, historic venues, or unique neighborhood establishments
  • ADD: Hotel bookings, transportation, or memorable photography
wedding events pic

Winery, brewery and distillery tours

Groups interested in the wine or beer scene in the Washington DC area, will enjoy our tours focused on the appreciation and education of embibing.

Our aim is to educate while allowing guests to sample some the finer things in life.

On both our beer or wine tours, guests will visit critically acclaimed establishments to learn about perfect pairings a flavor profiles. Along with the beverages, guests will take in some of the best views, most unique interactions, and delicious food.

  • FOR: Those who want 'liquid' tastes of special places (perfect for bachelorette parties, birthdays, or those who are simply passionate about drink)
  • DRINK: Local wines and craft beers
  • WHEN: Year-round, featuring seasonal selections
  • COVER: Virginia's wine county, urban breweries, and historic distilleries
  • ADD: Specialty food stops or transportation
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Culinary scavenger hunt

The Culinary Scavenger Hunt is an interactive teambuilding event that involves working in teams to explore a neighborhood, find clues, and learn about both the area and friends/colleagues.

Prior to all of our Scavenger Hunts, a DC Metro Food Tours Guide will be on hand to teach you about the neighborhood, and to help proctor the event.

During the Scavenger Hunt, teams must depend on each other and work together to complete puzzles, which will lead to great samplings of food or drink at fantastic local restaurants.

Guests will have the chance to win prizes based on their success and ability to complete the event.

Call or email us for more information and to book

  • FOR: Groups who are looking to spice up their organization's dynamic
  • WHAT: Seek out cultural landmarks and restaurants through games, quizzes, and other interactive on a historical walking tour
  • OFFERED: Any time of year, all times of day
  • THROUGHOUT: DC's most interesting neighborhoods
  • ADD: Drink pairings, prize packages, transportation
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