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Beneath the blue-suit, ID-badge aesthetic of Washington sits a rich subculture of all things artistic, innovative, and hip

That part of the District is alive and well in the Northwest neighborhood of Dupont Circle, home to some of D.C.'s most unique shops, galleries, traditions, and, of course, food and drink.

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Dupont Circle is composed of some of the oldest, most beautiful architecture in the city, the streets lined with old townhouses, churches, and cafes. Among all this history, Dupont has become a go-to for all young professionals and recent graduates, making the town a modern playground of nightlife.

In our Food Tour of Dupont Circle, we merge the area's rich history with its modern innovation in food and drink, from the cuisine that fed the aristocrats who first lived here, to the latest spots in ethnic food and trendy bars.

On the Dupont Circle Food Tour, we bring you to the forefront of several cultures from around the world, by enjoying traditional ceremonies and cuisine in authentic surroundings. You will, however, begin the food tour with flavors close to home. You will be served dishes that rely on locally sourced ingredients, and hand crafted beverages and desserts.

Your Food Tour may include the following specialties:

  • Bistro style American with Asian influences
  • Progressive locally influenced Mexican cuisine
  • Selection of authentic Turkish dishes, tea, coffee
  • Malaysian street food sampler
  • Mediterranean desserts

All dishes served are included in the tour. Enough food is served that for most participants, dinner afterwards will not be needed. Seating and special service is provided at all restaurants throughout the tour.

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Tour Information

  • When:Saturdays-Sundays between 3:00 and 6:30 pm (please see the event calendar for current availability)
  • Where:  Meets near Dupont Circle Metro (The exact meeting location will be provided upon ticket purchase)
  • How long:The food tour will last approximately 3-3.5 hours
  • Who:All age groups and fitness levels are encouraged to take the tour
  • What to wear:Comfortable clothing and shoes
  • Weather conditions:Food tours will take place rain or shine- tours may be rescheduled based on severe conditions

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Check out Dupont Circle Food Tour Reviews

“Such a good time! my company (DC area Law Firm) did a private dine around for 50 in Dupont Circle and it was impressive. We split up and went into three restaurants (so i suppose different than what they call standard food tour) and had drink pairings and a cool reception at the final stop. Easily the best company event we have done since I started three years ago ”

Lee P. H.

“Who knew Dupont Circle would have such interesting history! and such great food! We bought drinks to go along with the dishes which made it even more fun ”

Joe S

“Our tour guide made the history of the area vibrant and alive. Each restaurant was unique and a gastronomic delight. The portions were generous. The tour was a highlight of our weekend in DC. ”

Sarah C

“This was a great experience…The tour guide was very upbeat and kept the tour interesting with all the facts she provided about the history of Dupont circle. One thing I liked was each restaurant we visited was waiting on our group and service was very quick. Bring your appetite and you wont be disappointed. I will definitely try another tour with this company very soon”

Peter W

“We highly recommend the Dupont Circle food tour to anyone visiting DC! We were at first wary about the amount of time it would take to complete the tour (3.5 hours as stated online) but soon found out that it is just the right amount of time to enjoy the sights, the food and the joys of being with other tour members. The variety of the dishes added up to the appeal of the whole tour. I definitely would recommend this tour! ”

Mary M

“Great mix of food, sightseeing, history lesson, and making new friends! This would be great for someone new to the city, or someone from out of town. Our group was a mix of locals and travelers! ”

Jill M

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